Flatbed/Step decks

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Flatbed/ Step Decks

With no roof and no sides on the truck, a flatbed is an open-deck trailer specialized in transporting heavy and oversized loads, including building supplies, construction materials, and other heavy equipment. Since it has a flat surface, it is much more convenient to load and unload freights and move them without any difficulties. So whenever you are looking for heavy haul freight for your flatbed trailers, Dispatchional can help.
Our qualified dispatchers can supply you with the most suitable freight for flatbed trucks and handle the required paperwork to start your delivery immediately. Having extensive experience in the market and an entire understanding of the market demands, we guarantee easy work and high-quality loads.

Years of cooperation with top brokers will make it easier to find the most beneficial freight for flatbed trucks. We will set up all the arrangements for you to become a part of our valued team. Contact us for more information.